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Over 800,000 downloads across 100 countries

For best results you must have the latest operating system installed. Use GPS Tracking to locate people, instantly! – A child, parent, friend or business associate, quickly and accurately for a price anyone can afford without compromising privacy. Top ten highest downloaded and number 3 top grossing social networking app on iTunes.
GPS TRACKING lets you know where your friends, family and co-workers are with one simple push of a button. Ever wish you could see where your friends, co-workers or loved ones are right now? Ever wish you could organize an on-line meeting place? Ever find yourself in the same mall, or stadium, or school, but can’t find a friend, child or co-worker you know is there? Ever think that there must be some way to use your phone’s GPS mapping abilities to do all this?
Well guess what — now there is.
In fact, that’s exactly what we specialize in here at LOCiMOBILE. With our GPS Tracking Apps you can see where your friends are, and they can see you all on the Google Maps application built into your phone. We even offer turn by turn directions which makes it super-easy to find each other.
See what others are saying about our GPS Tracking App «Really easy to use & find other iphone users!!» «I used the app with my family while on vacation and it worked flawlessly» «Not ONLY does this app help me find my friends so easily, but I «LOCi’d» myself after I’d parked my car and lo and behold I had a pinpoint to get back to! SO USEFUL!» «My daughter just loci’d me.(and she’s 12). That alone having the PEACE of mind is incredible. This is BRILLIANT!» GPS Tracking (lite version) * 6 users * Integration with Facebook and Twitter GPS TRACKING (paid version) comes with: * Integration with Facebook and Twitter * Unlimited users * Text messaging * No Ads With the push of a button, let other GPS Tracking users know where you are or request their location.
GPS Tracking populates your iPhone’s built-in Google Maps with the locations of people in your private «opt-in» buddy list, as soon as they approve your request. It’s an interactive friend-finder, party-starter, child-locator, social networker and much more — a must-have,
«Where are you? I’m here!» visual locating app. Now GPS Tracking brings to you Facebook & Twitter connect. Post your location on your wall or tweet it by the click of a button.
Look for LOCiMOBILE products at http://www.locimobile.com  Part of the family of products & services brought to you by GTX Corp a leader for the past 8 years in GPS and Personal location solutions.
This App will not run on jailbroken/unlocked iphones. Push notification and GPS must be on for App to work.
“Note: iTouch users must be connected to wifi to use this app and accuracy may not be as precise».
LOCiMOBILE ® GPS Tracking Apps are designed with user privacy at its core and offers a variety of effective and intuitive privacy controls.

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